Indochine 1 piastre 1931 Lindauer Indo china

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I must apologize again but most of those notes are in French. I try to present a small abstract in English at the beginning when possible.

The "Marianne" engraved by Barré : a timeless design

Default in a die of the French Indochina 5 cents 1946 pattern

Unlisted in Krause and Lecompte: a pattern 25 Francs 1956 for French West Africa

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The sad life of Dies! : Dies Breaks on Indochina 1940 10 cents

Variations, Differences & Défaults

Fake Euros... but real World Coins!

Cochinchina unlisted pattern and new classification for the 1878'patterns

Cochinchina: So encumbering sapeques

Some reals ... and some fakes: fake Colonial coins

Chili 5 peso 1977 surfrappe MIR Chile
Cochinchine 1 cent 1884 surfrappé D.Ecroux Cochin China

Former French Colonial coinage (594 coins)
- geographical classification
- historical classification

French Indo China coins (199 coins)

Coins of Laos (34 coins)

Banknotes of Laos (6 banknotes)

Pattern coins (133 coins)

World coins (under construction - 73 coins)

Siam "Pod Duang" or "Bullet money" (4 coins)

Numismatic on the web: LINKS

Have a look on MY AUCTIONS on DELCAMPE

Laos 20 cents 1952 essai probe
Let me first apologize for my English and welcome you to this website dedicated to French colonial and World numismatic. This is an amator website with a very simple ambition. You will discover very few exceptionnal coins here, but the presentation of my collection.

I put the emphasis on French colonial coinage and, in particularly, former French Indo-China coins, Viet-Nam, Cambodia and Laos with more than 500 coins, observe and reverse pictured. There is also a comprensive collection of pattern coins from the former French colonies with more than 100 coins presented. Additionally, you will find some pages with short notes on colonial numismatic, fake coins, dies varieties or unlisted French colonial coins and links.
Most of this website is in French, but I try to translate the main pages and to write an abstract in English for each paper.
Have a nice tour on Monnaies Coloniales and do not hesitate to contact us !
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monnaie essai inédit Afrique occidentale française 25 francs 1956 / unlisted pattern coin of French West Africa
Indochine 20 cents 1945 Essai Piefort
20 cents 1945 Piefort
10 langs barre Vietnam Indochine
Annam and Laos - 10 Lang silver Bar
Médaille BEAC Brazzabille
Laos 20 CENTS
French Union
version française
5 peso 1977 with political overwritted to promote the revolutionnary movement "MIR"
French West Africa
25 Francs 1956
pattern coin with smooth edge
unlisted in Krause & Lecompte
Legal informations
Cochinchina 1 cent 1884
overwritted "D.ECROUX"
on reverse
1 piastre 1931 reverse
engraved by Lindauer